Saturday, 12 March 2016


Hi- who else has this book?

I think a lot of us know it by now.

I have said it before that one of the advantages of studying the martial arts is seeing the principles of their underlying philosophies demonstrated. That is why these things require very little discussion with us.

One such passage from the Tao Te Ching often comes to my mind:

Of course this passage applies to everyday life in that the way you live determines whether or not you will be negatively affected by circumstances and people.

In your martial arts studies you will find that the required state of mind shall enable you to continue undeterred by external factors like pain or what your peers have to say on the matter. 

In Wenshiuquan the mind is calmed with meditation and qigong and then the student is taught to maintain this calmness throughout combat. In itself it is not a simple task as fear and pain can cause one's qi to rise and affect one's decision-making. In itself is a two-fold challenge: On the one hand remaining calm under pressure and on the other acting on time with the required amount of speed and power.

Facing an opponent who has this state of mind, however, can be unnerving unless you have managed to cultivate this state of mind yourself.

The state of mind required has the following attributes:

1.   Emotional Detachment;

2.   No concern about victory or defeat;

3.  No desire for fame, acknowledgement or wealth.

A person with this state of mind faces his/her opponent without fear, but nonetheless alert to exploit openings and to defend against attacks.

All in all- Wenhsiuquan is an art that does not apply only to the dojo or the competition arena, but to everyday life.

What from your martial arts training do you use in your day to day life?

Let me know by commenting. :)

Train well! 

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