Sunday, 29 November 2015

Training with Whis-San

I have been enjoying Dragonball Super for quite a while now.

One character who is experiencing tremendous changes for the better at the moment is Vegeta. This proud Saiyan Prince has been plagued by being surpassed by Goku for years now. Now- we see a new Vegeta that is not only stronger than Goku (for the time being-lol), but who has changed a lot with the help of their new teacher Whis.

The first huge change is that Vegeta got humble. This humility started with him begging Whis to take him as a student. Whis takes the whole humility thing even further by having him do household chores. 

This may seem weird and comical, but pride is actually a huge obstacle in one's progress in the martial arts. One of the martial art's master's greatest assets is the ability to do what is needed without hesitation. This requires firstly that one can clearly perceive what needs to be done and then the ability to act on that knowledge.

What gets in the way of most of us doing that is our thoughts, emotions and hang-ups that come along with it.We are only free to fully express ourselves in our art when we have gotten rid of all this garbage.

Another welcome change in the fighting style of both of these fighters is that the habitual yelling and powering up during fights are now being put to a stop. Whis teaches Vegeta and Goku to only raise their power levels within their bodies so as not to alert their opponents. I think we can all relate to this. Very often we see students that try harder by resorting to longer movements that require more effort and energy and that energy ending up being wasted in unnecessary movements. To reach the level where one's movements are efficient one needs to unite body and mind and one of the first steps to that is to calm one's mind.   

Goku got warned not to be too relaxed, though. :D Things are not alright because we assume it is. They stay alright because we are ever vigilant. Learn to accept this and cultivate the habit of calm alertness and you shall find your life becoming a lot easier. 

One of Goku's illnesses that is getting treated by Master Whis is his impatience. This got done- apparently without Goku's knowledge- by having him and Vegeta change the sleeping Beerus' bed sheets without waking him up. The only way to do this is to wait for him to roll over in his sleep. It must be mentioned that with Beerus rolling over includes levitating. At this stage the two Saiyans thought that Beerus is unaware of their presence, but I suspect that he knew very well that he knew all to well of their presence. Those attacks in his sleep just seemed too deliberate... 

Whis is not muscular and does not seem athletic at all- Yet we find him blocking punches with his fingers and evading attacks from two attackers at once. It is interesting to find that he is also Beerus' teacher. I think I mentioned this in my post about Resurrection F... 

How popular is this show among your students? If you have a lot of anime fans in your dojo they are bound to know about this show. If your students do not yet know about this show- or if you have not seen it yet then you can get started by watching the episodes here:

Have a great week, everyone!

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Without the weights

Kicks are exhausting... :D

In this short video kicks make up the largest part of the attacks I throw. Whether I would actually fight like that is another matter altogether.  Hand and elbow strikes may be easier than kicks, but they burn their share of calories. :D

I post these videos to show what my attacks would look like when I am letting fly without the weights.

The first video shows me performing a bunch of frontal attacks.

Because I like practicing multidirectional attacks as well I have recorded myself attacking in various directions as well.

I trust that the rest of you are also training hard.

Have a great week ahead.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Moa Metal martial arts girl

I love Japan's Metal phenomenon Baby Metal.

I have found some photos that seem to indicate that Moa Kikuchi is actually interested in martial arts!

Wonder if she knows Mahiro Takano...

The Gordon Ramsay of Martial Arts :D

Okay- I shall admit that his accent is not even nearly Australian, but his regular use of the F-word in his videos distinguishes him from other internet masters the same way Gordon Ramsay's language makes him distinguishable from all the other chefs on the Food Channel. :D

Most of the videos I have seen of him demonstrate street fighting moves with a strong Wing Chun basis. I loved this one Taijiquan video I have seen of him today, though.

Master Wong's no-nonsense approach to teaching appeals to those students who do not wish to embark on an academical exercise in learning martial arts and will suit those who are primarily interested in learning martial arts for self defense.

I have subscribed to his Youtube channel. Below are some links to videos of his. :)

Sunday, 8 November 2015

My thanks to those who share.

One of the enduring elements of the martial arts is mystery. Hell! Even within the world wide martial arts community there are rumours and speculation.We may argue that it serves a purpose in that it ensures that the martial arts remain alluring to a lot of us.

One thing that I find annoying in others and completely detest in myself, however, is ignorance. Thanks to our generous colleagues on social media, however, we do not need to be ignorant. Below I have provided links to videos and posts from some of the most knowledgeable and generous martial artists that I have encountered on the internet. Although my preferences lie with Japanese, Chinese, Okinawan and Korean arts I have even included a link to an Escrima video.

Back in my club karate days I have found that the amount of self-study that you do plays a huge part in shaping the martial artist that you will ultimately become. That is why I advise that it is importnat to respect your teacher and adhere to what you are being taught, but also to take the responsibility of your further development upon yourself by seeing for yourself what the world has to offer.

Have a great time learning and my we never stop training! :) Osu!