Sunday, 21 April 2013

Billy Blanks is a genius!

My mother recently gave me these rubber bands with gloves and straps in a box with a DVD, a nutrition guide and an exercise program. Having enough exercise equipment and an exercise program that utilises the limited time I put aside for it I did not expect much from this gift to be honest.

Having watched the first DVD I strapped on the bands- out of curiosity- and I can say that I was pleasantly surprised! One of the first positive changes I have noticed was that I was able to pick my side kick up properly and keep it all together in a way that would have made my first sensei proud. :) Another positive change was that I realised that it was not age that has slowed me down, but a bunch of bad habits in posture that I have developed since I had left the dojo. These bands recitified it all and made me feel 18 again!

Billy Blanks, creator of Taebo, came up with these bands as a training method to tone and strengthen muscles while enhancing the Taebo routine. The resistance provided as well as the tension that is necessary to be maintained throughout the workout forces the body to use proper technique and posture.

I strongly recommend this training method to any person who is not a martial artist, but especially to martial artists as it is an excellent way to cultivate proper technique.

Thank you Billy Blanks!!! :)