Friday, 22 November 2013

I just had to say something

I have enjoyed Black Belt TV's Move of the Day inserts since the channel came to South Africa. The inserts show some martial arts movie legends demonstrating the most basic of moves. This is actually a nice way of interacting with the viewers to get them interested in martial arts.

The back fist demonstration, however, was not on. I recognised the type of back fist as the one I used to perform when doing the Shotokan kata, Tekki Shodan. Let's just say that I have found no use for that technique in actual combat and when I began developing my own style- that technique was gone before even the first unwanted techniques got thrown out. If I could re-write that kata- I would have put a descending hammer fist there!

In the video I demonstrate and discuss the proper technique when performing the back fist strike. I have left out some of my favorite methods to perform the strike and used only the most common and basic examples. If you want to know more about the versatility of this technique you are welcome to email me at Believe me- it has a bit more uses than just being an uraken to the head...


Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Roundhouse Kick

Depending on which style you practice or which technique you prefer- this kick could either be your weakest or your strongest kick.

This video is especially a must-see for any karateka who wants to test himself in the MMA arena.

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My Kusarifundo

I'll admit that I don't practice with this weapon much.

Recently I decided to make the chain longer for extra reach.

For those who do not know this weapon it is a chain with an iron weight at each end. The weights are flung at the opponent to stun him/her while the chain itself is used to ensnare or as a garrot.

This particular weapon is associated with Ninjutsu, but Chinese martial arts have similar weapons using blades or weights at the end of ropes or chains.

As you can see from the video I have some trouble controlling this weapon. If anyone has a better video to post- you can email it to me at