Sunday, 20 January 2013

Staying positive

It is very easy for caution to turn into a hindrance, preventing us from acting.

While it is important to keep one's guard up, to be aware of risks and dangers, one should not be pre-occupied with that.

The best way to avoid getting hit is to keep your opponent on the defensive.

You will also realise that you have an unhealthy pre-occupation with negative aspects if your fears and concerns prevent you from having a happy and fulfilling life and career.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

My new tonfas

I have bought these new tonfas today.

The tonfa is one of those weapons originally used on the Ryukyu Islands (of which Okinawa is one) in the martial arts known to us as Kobudo and Kobujutsu.

To me, these weapons are synonym with traditional Karate, which I regard as an unarmed form of  Kobudo. If you really want to know why I say this you can email me at for the explanation.

This double weapon makes an effective shield with blocking techniques that can be taken directly from karate. Its attacks include thrusts and swinging slashes when the handles are used as pivots. Pommels on the handle and short end allow for even more short range attacks (not seen in the video).

Tonfas today, unlike the traditional version, are made in the fashion of the modern night stick, meaning that the extra handle allows it to be used as a baton. Police training handbooks usually contain arresting and immobilising techniques that can be executed with the night stick.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

The timid martial arts student

When I saw Hinata's ordeal in Naruto I was reminded of a student in our dojo. The Sensei told him to be more aggressive and not to duck or turn his back on his opponent.

After a while of quitting our club he went on to study Jeet Kune Do and when he sparred again he actually surprised his former classmates with spinning techniques and slipping and ducking techniques.

Being overly timid is as much a problem as being over aggressive in martial arts. A lot of fighting sports coaches urge their students to be pumped up with aggression. That mental attitude may come in handy if your sole occupation in life is going to be cage fighting.

True Martial Arts strive to cultivate a state of mindless awareness and being able to act without hesitation when needed to. An aggressive fighter will always lose against a fighter like that.