Sunday, 8 November 2015

My thanks to those who share.

One of the enduring elements of the martial arts is mystery. Hell! Even within the world wide martial arts community there are rumours and speculation.We may argue that it serves a purpose in that it ensures that the martial arts remain alluring to a lot of us.

One thing that I find annoying in others and completely detest in myself, however, is ignorance. Thanks to our generous colleagues on social media, however, we do not need to be ignorant. Below I have provided links to videos and posts from some of the most knowledgeable and generous martial artists that I have encountered on the internet. Although my preferences lie with Japanese, Chinese, Okinawan and Korean arts I have even included a link to an Escrima video.

Back in my club karate days I have found that the amount of self-study that you do plays a huge part in shaping the martial artist that you will ultimately become. That is why I advise that it is importnat to respect your teacher and adhere to what you are being taught, but also to take the responsibility of your further development upon yourself by seeing for yourself what the world has to offer.

Have a great time learning and my we never stop training! :) Osu!

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