Saturday, 27 February 2016

Where I have been today

First- I want to say I love my 11 000 views that this blog has gotten.

This Saturday my routine was taken off course when I volunteered to attend a WKF referee course at this awesome dojo in Hazyview. I have just downloaded the rules as well since there are actually a lot of them.

Bottom line- refereeing in this sport is much tougher than competing. What surprised me, though is how much Shotokan has come to resemble Kyukoshin over the years. Sure- we still wear mitts and so forth, but full body contact is now allowed. The rules make it clear that the Federation is not too okay with face contact, but I have just found that by a liberal application of the rules you can actually win by knockdown.

From sparring sessions I have experienced thus far it seems that its possible to finish an entire match without tasting your own blood in your mouth. (I had a lot of that with Shukokai and JKA in the past...) That does not mean I am completely at ease, though...

If you are curious about WKF rules- I have a link for you down here:

Now- about the Hazyview Dojo:

You can read a bit about it on this page:

This is what I want to share about it, though:

Sensei Danie Janse van Vuuren and his wife (and senior) Sensei Sandra have taken a part of their spacious property and what looks like what used to be a tobacco shed and converted it into this Karate Heaven!
This obstacle course for the kids is something that you do not often see at karate dojos in this area, mostly because few schools own the space on which they teach.

 The outside has lots of parking and I am told that our local tournament is going to be hosted here as well.

The racks at the wall hold training weapons like plastic knives and pistols and also more traditional Japanese weapons like Shinai, Bokken and Bo. Another rack holds batons.

This place is truly awesome and I am really proud to be a part of this school. The dojo in White River is also quite a sight to see from what I can hear. I'd be happy to share some photos when I visit there (which is bound to happen since there is this 7am training session on Saturdays to which I have been invited, but have not gone to yet. 

I got back home today at about 16h30 and then got out the weapons for our weekend rendezvous.  After that was Qigong and Meditation. Then I got around to writing this post.

I'd say that is a weekend well- spent. 

:) This week is the last before the tournament. Until then- train well!

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