Saturday, 13 February 2016

Super busy week

My body is still a bit tired from this week, but I am grateful. I am grateful because this week my work did not prevent me from spending this much time on my martial arts training. I realise very well that the next big trial or complicated case will have the training move aside for a while, though. For now- however- I am glad I managed to have trained as much. 

For one thing- our dojo at Lowveld Shotokan Karate is abuzz with preparation for the upcoming competition on the 4th of March 2016! Kihon hand kata have now made room for kumite- and some kata...

This has me working on my fitness. I have come to realise that kumite tends to make the 38 year old me tired much quicker than it did the 17 year old me. :D Still- this all means that Sensei Louw Venter is giving me something at the dojo that I have not been getting for myself at home. I am really glad about it.

O! To get my routine kata into shape for the championships I am now making a conscious effort of pulling back that bloody hikite! The Sensei has been very patient with me so far, but I have no intention of testing the limits of that patience. 

Well- that accounts for Monday and Wednesday... So what was I doing on Tuesday and Thursday?

Umm... Well- you remember that self defense group about which I have posted a couple of weeks ago? One of the ladies from that group has asked me to teach her kickboxing. Now because this is not something I know how to teach while sitting on my arse I have been getting a good workout in the evenings as well while sharing the experience of martial arts training with a completely uninitiated novice. 

My early morning workouts are still taking place and the Saturday and Sunday sessions are also still going on.

Somewhere next month there will be another self defense class- if circumstances permit.

Before I close this post I want to share a video of Jade Xu!

She is just awesome!

I wish everyone out there a good week and rewarding training. :) 

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