Saturday, 26 December 2015

Now I have a short sword. Ho ho ho. :D

When I was 16 I have found this passage in the Book of Five Rings. 

And that amounts for as much as what I know about fighting multiple opponents and double weapons today.

My Saturday morning workouts always include a single bokken for katana practice. Shairley has however recently given me a shorter bokken to match the black one I have. (I have a natural colour varnished one as well). So- Now having the katana and wakizashi I was eager to get see how I handle the weight of a long sword being held in only one hand.

For those who don't know- This posture is Happo Biraki ("Open on eight sides"). This is a posture suited for being surrounded by multiple opponents.

One thing that really feels "wrong" about this entire exercise is that the two weapons are not balanced like my sai or tonfa

Juji Dome- Cross Guard.

The katana was further designed to be a "hand-held guilotine"- its cutting ability being optimal when both hands work together in a push/pull motion to snap the blade into its target. Now- holding this weapon with one hand that advantage is gone. If I look like I am struggling in the video- it is because I am. I am really not used to using swords like this. Well- we know what happened with Gohan when he trained with the Z-sword, right? So I won't complain.

The principles behind the Happo Biraki posture and the guidelines on fighting multiple opponents still work very well for unarmed fighters. And still- I benefit from weapons practice for amongst other reasons- that it provides excellent strength training.

I have not heard any escrimadors making any comparisons between their style and double weapons of other styles. We have the forum now and I know at least two double weapon fighters in it. So- what pointers do you have, guys?

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