Saturday, 19 December 2015

More than 10 000 views before Christmas! :D

I was about to write my last post for this year when I logged in and found that the views for this blog has gone over 10 000.

Yes, Vegeta. That is indeed over 9000...

Thank you to everyone who have read and commented on my blog this year. 

This year some people at lest got a glimpse of what Wenhsiuquan has to offer. Between the books and the blog I have managed to document a large amount of its principles.

What lies ahead for next year remains to be seen. The prospect of having to move to a new town has recently reared its head. What I am going to want to do next, however, is demo videos! Let's see who I find to help with that next year. 

One of the most interesting encounters I had while working on the books this year was Chris. He would have been the perfect partner for demo videos. As fate would have it, however, he and his wife Angela have returned to China. 

:D Then there was Thabo- my first student. Aiya...

If anything he has gotten me started on spending some of my spare time on teaching. 

Before I sign off for the holidays I want to thank the members of Martial Arts Forums on Google+ and Martial Arts with Colman. We are separated by thousands of miles, but that does not stop us from communicating. What I have learnt from you I continue to keep with me and nurture. I admit that the kung fu and karate people get more attention from me, but I am glad to see that all martial art styles in our community are alive and well. I hope to see lots more posts from you guys.

Until next year- train well and have fun! 

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