Saturday, 5 December 2015

The two books on my shelf

I have started reading about martial arts at the age of 9. Back then I was told that a book will not be of much help in my training. Later, at 14, I joined my first dojo and I was told to leave the books because it will not help.

Funny thing is- there were times when the dojo was the laboratory in which I have tested the theories presented to me in these books. I soon realised that one can simply not expect to find all the knowledge in the world in one place.

I am sure many of you will recognise these two books in the photographs. One was a Christmas gift in 2000 that had changed the way I practice for good. The other I have bought to satisfy my curiosity about how Bruce Lee would actually fight.

In the martial arts community I have found the jocks and the nerds just as you would in High School. I strive to be a balance of the two.

The insights a good book have to offer might just be that little something extra that you have never even known to look for. :)

Somebody was kind enough to share this most valued of texts for free on the internet. It is not a lot of reading. (I finished it in 3 days when I was 16). Give it a read and tell me what it has done for you.

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