Sunday, 27 September 2015

When we let go...

I have just turned a year older this weekend. All in all- this has been a great weekend. The Springboks have beaten Samoa last night and I had a great time celebrating with my family. Even had a friend over.

As you probably know by now- almost every day in my life starts with training. Saturday's training tops it all.

One of the reasons why I enjoy weekend training sessions is the longer time I have to meditate.

I am actually busy writing about this in my book at the moment.

This Saturday I realised how funny it is that I have learnt to keep my mind in line with breath counting, and how breath following was attempted soon thereafter. That was about 21 years ago. Now- being "advanced" enough to let go these training tools I was happy to just let go and sit. 

Yeah right...

Without any of these techniques to preoccupy me I do manage to have my mind open, but when it is open thoughts come to occupy it yet again. I caught myself daydreaming in lotus position yesterday and then grabbed on to the first thing I usually reach out to, my qi flow.

That called me to order soon enough. Then- I realised that I was holding on to that as well and I let go...

What I have experienced was reminiscent of that day 21 years ago when I started my first meditation.
The absolute quiet within myself as everything around me was moving and happening is just awesome.

Not only has this state of mind shown me over the years that we can all be happy, regardless of what we have- or don't have- it has also shown how quickly I can respond to an attack when I don't think or feel anything about it. It has taught me to put my emotions aside about a situation so that I can do what needs to be done.  

Those who'd want to control you might be happy to have someone who knows how to put his ego aside to assist them in attaining some "greater goal", but then again- meditation also gives people the clarity of mind with which to recognise a liar by his traits.

I am curious about what your views are on meditation. Do you meditate? Do you know how? Does your church forbid it? (No joke- here in South Africa there are a lot of "Christians" who deem it a sin to meditate as it is deemed an occult activity.)

Looking forward to reading your comments. 

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