Sunday, 6 September 2015

A form I have been working on...

A while ago somebody told me that the five Heian/ Pinan katas of karate were one one kata.

Since that time I have been practicing all five Heian katas as one. Now- you know that I like modifying the forms. Since my last post I have been trying to get Taijiquan movements to replace the karate techniques in all 5 katas. It was not easy.

This video shows the rough draft that I have been working on. I think the final product will have that spinning blow from Heian Sandan left out... It does not feel very Tai Chi to me...

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  1. Nice. Master Augustine Fong introduced me to the phrase "Body Unity" years ago and I take it to mean a whole-body connection - as you move the force is coming from the feet and up through the skeletal frame. You seem to have that in the performance of this form.