Saturday, 19 September 2015

Weekend is here-

Hi. I am so glad this week is over. I had a lot of stress to get rid of and a good training session is just the answer.

You remember the rubber bands and weights I train with? Well- these rubber bands have a limited lifespan as I have learnt a while ago, before I learnt that cargo straps make a poor substitute. Now- I concentrate on training with the weighted vest.

A couple of training sessions taught me that the way my body bends when I do a high roundhouse kick tends to loosen the velcro straps on this thing- so- much as I want to- I can't really train with it as I normally train when I practice fighting techniques. So- for a while these weights found their place among the dumbells and equipment I use every second day.

That was until recently when I decided to do some katas wearing them on "fighting day".

Karate's katas seem to be prefect for this type of gear. These katas are now part of my warm-up before I get serious. 

If you have similar ways of training do feel free to share them- especially if it involves equipment on the market similar to what I am using in these photos.

Train well, everyone! 

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