Saturday, 22 August 2015

What do you take home from class?

Today I had a really nice workout- again.

One of the good things of training alone is that I have so far been able to adapt my workouts to factors like space, time and what I had available.

I do- however- have a strong preference to a wide open space where I can let loose with all my kicks.

It has been a while since I have seen the inside of a dojo. I have never stopped training, though.

Your instructor can teach you, guide you and even coach you, but he cannot train on your behalf. And- even if he (or she) did- it would not help you even one bit.

A large part of the learning you do in martial arts comes from your own work in any event. 

Besides training- any style of martial art has things that you leave in the dojo (like sparring), but also things you take home with you- like strength, fitness, knowledge, inner calm and so forth.

I have strength, fitness, courage, a sharp mind, satisfaction and of course my techniques that stay with me wherever I go. If you really think about it- martial arts training's gifts do not cost money. Sure- you pay class fees etc., but the actual benefits you gain from training are yours. All you need to do is keep training.

What do you take home with you?

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  1. This is spot on, sir. Your teacher may guide you, but you still have to do all the walking. Keep kicking!