Saturday, 1 August 2015

My first student.

It has finally happened.

My first student has gone through his first lesson with me today. I am so sorry about not having taken photos, but hang on- I will soon post pics of how we practice.

This young man is also currently studying Haedong Kumdo, Krav Maga and Tang Soo Do. He decided to take up Chinese Martial Arts as well just to make sure that 6 out of his 7 days of the week are covered.

Now- anyone else in the Nelspruit area who wants to see how my classes are can join us at the Trim Park (That means the Nelspruit Private Nature Reserve near Sonpark Centre.) on Saturdays from 14h00-16h00.  

Today's class was about the horse stance and all the other stances that can flow forth out of it. We started at 14h00 with a warm-up that included qigong and stretching. Then we moved on to two kinds of basic punches- as many as it took to get at least 10 good ones of each. Then we went on to the kicks.

I don't know who can remember the on-the-bike-off-the-bike exercise that have posted about last year (I have searched for it in my blog and it seems to have disappeared all of a sudden.) .
This warm-up helps with those roundhouse and reverse roundhouse kicks. It was part of our warm-up routine and helped us to get the feeling of these kicks when they are performed correctly.

Class ended at 16h00 with stretching, qigong and meditation.

:D That is one milestone for this year. Just had to post it.

Next post shall be about... well you know me. :D

Train well and have fun.

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