Friday, 12 June 2015

One Awesome Lady

How many friends do you know that you can walk up to and say "I have developed my own style of martial art that I want to document. Will you help me?"?

When I had first asked my friends for help they did not bat an eyelid. They did not share my love for martial arts, but understood how much this project means to me. Documenting and teaching Wenhsiuquan is the next step in my journey on this path.

While my other friends Chen Feng and Chris have decided to leave this country for the safety and economic stability of their homeland- Shirley is still around. She already owns copies of the first two books and has shown it to quite a number of people.

Oh! One more thing! I see my blog got more than 5 000 views! Thank you all for showing interest. Although I do not have any full time students yet I have received lots of positive feedback on the advice and information I have provided. It means a lot to me.

In my next post I will tell you about two people who have provided me with really valuable advice and information on martial arts and whom I would strongly recommend to anyone interested in their fields of expertise.

Train well!

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