Friday, 19 June 2015

Meet Sifu Ian Sinclair

Get a book on Taijiquan and it is likely that you will not understand a large part of what the author has written.

One such book is on my shelf and contains lots of valuable information, but also a complicated mess of things that I do not experience in my day to day life.

I have come to think that Taiji instructors do this on purpose...

Ian Sinclair on the other hand has no need to appear knowledgeable by going into a deep forest of Chinese terms (which I have found not even some Chinese people don't understand) or by going off on some hippie trip about qi, meridians and whatever confuses the hell out of you.

Make no mistake- Sifu Sinclair knows these terms. He has studied under the type of masters that would make most of us kungfu fanboys jealous. He just does not keep them shrouded in mystery.

Ever since I have subscribed to his Youtube Channel I have learnt a lot about martial arts in general. Funny thing is- Judo has this maxim of "minimum effort, maximum effect", but you won't find a clearer demonstration of it in the Judo you see nowadays like what you will see in Sifu's demonstrations.

I know Taichi currently appeals to a wide market of tea brewing space cases who are all about enlightenment and all that (I am 50% that myself) and Sifu Sinclair's sense of humour and warm personality will definitely tell these people that he is their man, but to those who are interested in Taijiquan as a martial art I can strongly recommend that you learn as much as you can from this man.

Karate and Aikido people can also benefit a great deal from what Sifu has to say about body mechanics and technique.

One of my favourite videos of Mr Sinclair is where he demonstrates the use of peng force (pronounced "pung") by pushing his partner back with his stomach.    

Check out the video on Youtube here:

Hope you have a great time learning and training.

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