Saturday, 9 May 2015

Partner Exercise for beginners

Today's post is about an exercise in Wenhsiuquan to train the reflexes as well as posture and technique.

I am not entirely against one step sparring, but I also don't feel the need to cover lots of ground to practice harmonising. This exercise is very simple, but effective in teaching beginners to blend their movements with that of their opponents. It also cultivates the much-needed sensitivity one needs in sparring.

It will start with one partner in forward stance- fist out in reverse punch position while the other is in back stance arm in blocking position.

The one in back stance then shifts weight forward to punch while the other shifts back and rotate his hips into back stance to block the punch inward.

Then- immediately the roles are reversed. If done correctly the partners will move back and forth- punching and blocking.

One can start slowly at first to work on technique and posture and then increase speed and power to condition the arms and to cultivate the habit of moving in harmony with the opponent.

Have a great week and train well. :)

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