Saturday, 30 May 2015

Every journey begins with a single step ( plus- a defense against a million punch combo!)

You probably know how many bricks it took to start building the skyscraper-

and with how many steps a journey begins.

This simple rule explains how we can solve some of the largest problems you may face. By taking care of them before the get that big!

If you don't like getting chased out of the ring in a sparring match- or getting beaten to a pulp then your training should focus on forestalling attacks. This pass/block, backfist, uppercut combo may seem incredibly simple. I have heard my fair share of wise-cracking members of the laity saying that block/counter drills are useless as your opponent will never attack with just one blow/kick.

Maybe- but his attack has to start with one move. :)

Forestalling does not have to be limited with blocking the first punch/ kick. Intercepting at the turn of a hip, the movement of a shoulder or the raising of a foot can also help you diffuse a confrontation before it gets out of hand.

The highest order (does not make nice videos or even sketches, but works) of applying this universal law is sensing the approach of the fight and avoiding it at minimal cost. This of course requires a level of sensitivity snd alertness above that of the average person.

In karate we used the word "zanshin" (continuing mind) to name the overall awareness we have of our opponent on the dojo floor. If this alertness is a state of fearful concentration, however, it is not very useful.

The awareness that is equally helpful in timeously perceiving threats in your day to day life as much as during your sparring sessions- or even real fights- is sustainable and does not exhaust you or stress you out.

It even helps at work- when you identify risks/ threats and take the necessary action to eliminate them.

When training- an emphasis on the dangers of fighting, the pain or serious injury that comes from getting hit and pressure to attack does not help to create this type of awareness.

What does help is to tune into a calm, open state of mind that puts thoughts and emotions aside in order to allow it to clearly perceive its environment. From here training the body to respond timeously is the other essential part.

Now- it may be true that you will forestall a lot of threats by getting the drop on every person you meet from the first moment you leave home, but that will undoubtedly create problems of its own.
So- don't expect me to bow and call you master if your key to victory in the ring is jumping in with guns blazing and being the first to swing wildly (don't laugh now, but there are black belts who do that!)


CTFD! And meditating will not hurt you either...

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