Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Second Book is ready!

After a long wait it is finally here!

The Wenhsiuquan Book on Defense focusses on responses to attacks. It shows how I have simplified blocking to make it suit a real-life situation and shows how I have formulated my responses to common attacks so that the reader can know how to formulate his/ her own.

I am really glad to have received my friends' help to get this together.

The A5 size version- my favourite- is R 350.00. A cheaper A4 version can be bought for R 150.00.

I have not really thought about overseas customers, but I think they'll understand if there is shipping to be paid as well... 

For now- I'll take a break before getting to the next one. I am three books away from having my style documented to at least an extent which is worth carrying over. :)

Train well, everyone! 

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