Saturday, 18 April 2015

I got new shurikens!

If you can't hear me so well in the video- I was telling you about my new shurikens and how shuriken-jutsu (or in my case "shuriken-do") ties in with my Wenhsiuquan training.

I don't actually practice much with shurikens. Biggest reason for it is most likely that shuriken throwing does not make me tired, sweaty and out of breath and also does not make my muscles ache (I mean ache in that way that tells you that you are on your way to getting more buff).

What shuriken throwing does, however, is calm your mind. The actual technique requires focus that leaves no room for thought, worry or doubt. There is only room for technique. In other words- to me it's a form of meditation.

Ninjas had to be able to deploy these projectiles on the run, during a fight or in any other situation that left little time for taking aim and calming yourself.

In actual fighting a thrown shuriken is often deployed as a distraction to allow the shinobi to escape. Some say that the tips of these weapons used to be poisoned.

To actually be able to bury this weapon deep enough inside one's adversary requires the type of focus one would need for the Shaolin skill known as "Needle Through Glass", and the ability to use this skill on the fly.

There is a huge similarity in striking technique and the technique of throwing shuriken. The method I use involves the same shift of weight and body mechanics that you will find in kung fu strikes.

With the technique shown in the video I have been able to pin pencils and shishkabob sticks into targets as well. :)

Anyhway- that is all for this weekend. Train well and have a great week.

Btw- I am looking for lifesize cardboard cut-outs of Kurt Darren or Nicolis Louw to practice on... Can anyone hook me up?

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