Saturday, 25 April 2015

Meet my sparring partners. lol

One of the main reasons why we can't rely on just basic drills and form practice is that we need to develop quick reflexes. I invented this method back in my Shotokan days to help me develop my blocks. 

What you see in the photo are two favourite rubber balls. I use only one of them at a time. It already helps a lot if you bounce the ball against a smooth wall and catch it. What I have done to help me with my blocks however is to intercept the ball on its way back with in inward slapping block combined with a grab to catch it. Outward blocks can't be done in this exercise with much success, but I also intercept the ball with an outward circling movement at times before I catch it.

The better you get at this the harder you can throw the ball to get more speed. 

I also catch the ball with my eyes closed at times, but the success rate in that is far less than 100%.

The effect this exercise has on your actual sparring is almost immediately visible- plus: you become able of rescuing a teacup or two when you least expect it... 

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