Sunday, 29 March 2015

Now it's Heian Sandan's turn... And- My book is going to get printed!

I am happy to say that my second book will soon be printed- in my hands. :D Hope you guys enjoy it.
Meanwhile- I still enjoy training.

I was very glad to get a nice response to my last post that I decided to share my work on this kata as well.
The karate form is from Shotokan. Lots of us know it. It starts with a series of blocks, goes into that rotating escape from a wrist hold and at the end there are those two punches for someone grabbing your from behind, right?

Now... The kungfu version was tricky. Initially I thought that I'll find everything I need in Wingchunquan, but I have never found a rotating escape in any Wing Chun forms. So- I borrowed "Snake Shoots Across Valley" for the spear hand. Kept the escape and for those two attacks to the rear I added two doses of "Tiger Bites it's Back".

Now- Taijiquan seems to interchange nicely with karate for some reason...

I inserted "Snake Creeps Down" with a rotation after seeing it done this way in "Man of Tai Chi" (awesome movie, btw). For those two punches at the end karateka may frown and ask what the hell that is, but Taijiquan practitioners- especially from the Chen Style and the 24 Step Combined Form- know "Punching Under The Arm". Well- Taiji people, in karate we punch over the shoulder in that situation and you seem to prefer going for the ribs...

Thank you for reading this blog and thank you for your comments.

Hope you all have a wonderful week. 

Train well!  

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