Sunday, 1 March 2015

Almost done!- and Congratulations to a little dragon in our area!

I am really excited as I am getting to the last chapter of this book. Soon- this one will be printed and ready for circulation.

Although I know that there are many people feeling okay without it I do not think the world should ever be without the knowledge of martial arts. In my opinion it is one of the highest achievements humanity has ever reached. No matter how stressful our lives are, what difficulties we shall face or what harm awaits us- we shall be able to meet the challenge if we have the martial arts to strengthen our bodies and spirit!

In other news- My dear friend, Lindie Delassus' son Jean-Michael has won two gold medals in a recent karate tournament! Why two? One is for kata- and the other for kumite of course! :)

He has started karate last year and looks like he is going to make his mark.

Well- to Jean Michael I want to say what I say to you:

Train well and have a good week!

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