Sunday, 8 March 2015

Do you know these people?

Okay. We watch martial arts movies and know some actors- there are even some sports stars in the martial arts world that a lot of us may know about, but which martial artists do you admire and follow? 

Because I have nothing else to write about for now (You can buy my book on defense, though. It is done!), I decided to tell you about the people in the martial arts community that have my "like", "follow" and now- my share:

Rika Usami:

Yes- she is no Rhonda Rousey. It never fails to amaze me how she can transform from a beautiful, soft-spoken lady to a fearsome killing machine. It is no secret that I love kata. I also love Asian ladies. So- she was meant to be on my timeline... 

Hitomi Tanaka

RED ALERT! Ban this post! AV Star detected!

Relax, everyone! When Hitomi-chan is not filming or shooting photosets that help us guys clean out the pipes every now and then she studies Goju-Ryu karate. I never asked her whether she does K1 as well, but this photo suggests that she at least dabbles in it. Umm... I admit that I did not come to know about her via karate pages...

 Emil Martirossian:

Bruce Lee's legacy is alive and well in this guy. You don't see me posting Danny Innosanto here. No offence, but THIS guy is the face of Jeet Kune Do in my book. Check out his videos on Facebook.

Shifu Yan Lei

Taking Shaolin into the competition arena could have been a disaster, but Shifu surprised me by showing that Shaolin can still retain its traditions and be effective in the ring. Those interested in learning about the Shaolin arts should really consider this man their first option.

Jade Xu:

One thing that is more enjoyable to watch than kata is Wushu form!

Jade is not only a champion in the sport, but also an actor. This lady needs no cables to make her jumps work... 

Chen Xiaowang

I'll never forget Wudang! So relax. Chen Taijiquan's chief instructor is the stuff legends are made of. I don't know whether he or his grandson was the first to take on a gigantic wrestler, but I do know- like the wrestlers- that this family's martial art is to be respected.

Jesse Enkamp

I love karate. That was the starting point of my journey into the martial arts and shall probably be where I return home. Jesse is not only an accomplished athlete- and in my book he does not need to be. He is the best sensei ever... 

You should really read his articles if you are not already doing so...

That's my list! 

Feel free to tell me about the celebrities on your timeline. 

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