Saturday, 31 January 2015

The Angle

I like grappling, but don't get me wrong- I am not a wrestler or MMA fighter. The big attraction that arts like Judo and Aikido held for me was that I was able to throw bigger and stronger opponents, not because of strength, but know-how. 

Now I must want lay-persons that a reliance of technical cunning is very attractive to a lot of us, but it is a disease rather than a way to victory. Technique has its place. In Wenhsiuquan it has a big place! But the other elements of strength and tactics also play a major part in a fight.

While I am busy with the book I managed to take a set of pictures that touch upon an aspect covered in the previous book. Since the new book is going to be on defense and not throwing I thought it a good idea to write a post about it.

As the first photo shows I have stepped past Shairley's downward sword attack. The second picture shows her ready to take a fall with just a sweeping motion of my arm.

In a photo from my previous book you can see that Chris is on his way to the ground with just a pull with one of my arms.

In another photo this hip throw followed after I blocked a punch.

To the novice these techniques may seem impossible and at their first attempts to pull them off they can find themselves looking foolish.

One of the key ingredients to these throws, however, is the angle at which the pulling or pushing force is applied. To sum it up- any force applied in a direction in which the feet are not in line with one another shall topple the opponent. Martial artists of old have found that the 45 degree angle (not necessarily exactly 45 degrees, but bearing in mind this guideline) works best because many people easily adapt to force applied straight from the front or side.

So- if you find your throw is not working, try changing the angle. If that does not work- read my book! :D 

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