Sunday, 25 January 2015

Thank you, Shairley and Vic! :)

 I am actually busy nursing an injured leg back to health and now find myself at that stage where it is feeling a bit better and I am itching to get back to training. I will, however, stick to light Taijiquan practice for this next week and take up the heavy stuff the week after.

Meanwhile- I am working on the second Wenhsiuquan book. This one is about defense.
Instead of Chen Feng and Chris I got help from another couple. Vic- who you will not be seeing in any photos, because he operated the camera- and Shairley Yang- volunteered to help out with some of the photos. By some- I don't mean just a few, mind you...

Shairley is well known here for her cheerful- and playful nature and we got a lot of it during the shoot. She actually made this a lot more fun than what I thought it would be.

I hope you all train well. I'll be sure to let everyone know when this book is finally ready.

Have a great week!

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