Friday, 12 September 2014

Cleaning out my closet


This week I have not been in a good mood and it is getting worse.

While my tolerance for bullshit is really low I'd like to place the following on record.

Earlier this year I was asked to make time in my already busy schedule to attend classes at our Shotokan dojo- under a sensei whom I have left late in 1997.

Because I was happy with the idea of spending time with other martial arts enthusiasts and making sure that our style does not die within us I agreed to put aside some time to go to the dojo and train with my fellow students- who at this stage are all my seniors.

Before this time I have already been training on my own at no cost and needed nobody to watch me or to tell me to get up and train regularly.

About 22 sessions of training on my own at the hall painstakingly acquired for us, three payments of R 200 and 1 surprise notice of an up and coming grading of about R 1 500.00 later I am starting to feel like I have been played for a fool.

Honestly now- I will keep on training- whether it is at the dojo, at home or wherever I may find. But if my time is going to be wasted on a project that I did not start, that I am not making money from and lastly that I am the only one appearing to show interest in even though I did not get my black belt as scheduled- I AM OUT!

I really don't care how often others train. My martial art is alive inside me and I ensure it stays that way. I will do everything in my power to keep it that way. If I have to do it alone- so be it. But then I will not continue paying somebody else.

I really hope the day will come when others also train with me in an environment free from politics, finances and other crap for which a dojo has no room. I know we are not monks, samurais or ninjas. We all have jobs, families and responsibilities. We all have things important to us. To me- my martial art is one of those important things. If anyone feels the same they are welcome to contact me to join me on these Monday and Wednesday nights I spend training alone.

Now that I have that off my chest I am going to start my weekend. Let's see what happens next week... 

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