Friday, 19 September 2014

A kick is a stance with the hips just tilted a little...

Hello, everyone. While I am training like mad at the moment- and loving it- I thought of those guys my age who do not kick so high anymore. While a lot of people (like the Thai boxer below) can take a split, tilt the hips a bit and then have a high roundhouse kick a lot of us cannot split that far.

Is all lost then? Short answer- nope! 

I know Shukokai people will not accept this and Shotokan people can act as if they knew this secret for a long time (because they did!), but here is my tip for that jodan mawashi geri:

See the sketch?

You notice the front stance? Yes- that is not a Shotokan front stance, but it will do (you guys can't hog the spotlight here). Notice how far your back leg can stretch just because the front leg is bent?

Now- bending the supporting leg and aiming your kicking hip as high as it goes (yes- we aim with the hips and NOT the knees!) let that kick shoot out. 

Pretty cool, huh? 

This means that as long as you can stand in zenkutsu dachi you will also be able to do a high roundhouse kick.    

Train hard!

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