Saturday, 6 January 2018

The most important task of the day.

Hello to everyone here for the first time in 2018.

My annual break has been quite well and an exciting year is lying ahead.

I actually chose to ignore my Fitbit tracker during the holidays and as punishment for that I have to train twice as hard this month to catch up.

Still- it has been nice and restful.

Well... I have not completely abandoned training during the holidays.

As a lot of you would know- meditation is part of every training session for me. This is what today's post is about. 

I realise that there are a lot of us who can happily get through the day without meditating. I was surprised to see however how much value MMA fighters place on it. Really- you think the traditional martial arts schools with their white gi's and bowing etc. are preserving the classical ways and then you wake up one day and find that many of the traditional schools do not even bother to teach meditation while the guys in the big bad MMA gyms incorporate Yoga and Zen meditation into their training regimens.

Now if you haven't meditated before you would probably not get what this post is about, but some of you who do might nod in agreement and maybe even admit that this kind of thing did happen to you as well.

You see- regular meditation does wonders for your technique and not only sharpens your reflexes, but makes your responses in a fight that much purer.

Other benefits like increased energy levels, emotional well-being and emotional control are also part of the package.

Then... one day- in spite of regular meditation- you find that you are not feeling 100%. Your reflexes are sluggish. You find yourself too distracted to see problems arising in time and you end up wondering: What went wrong.

I think many of you have heard the saying that familiarity breeds contempt. Well- I have realised during one morning's meditation during last month that this is what happens to the meditation that you get used to doing the same time of every day in the same spot. It gets neglected. Rrandom thoughts are allowed to barge in and party that precious little time away and the rest of the day you feel less than the person you like to be.

The funny thing about it all is- many people might say that it is because they know they have more important things to do later on. I know I have caught myself saying the same thing.

What you should rather tell yourself when meditating is:

"Right now I am busy with the most important task of the day."

It's great to be back and see everyone's posts on Martial Arts Forums again. Hope everyone has an awesome 2018!

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