Saturday, 13 January 2018

Same input does not necessarily mean same result...

 I have started my Saturday morning training sessions with a bit of shuriken throwing, just because it is fun. I have found that it is also a nice warm-up for the mind to get energy focused before one goes on to the punching and kicking of the day.

As these photos show, the grouping that I got with the shaken (not shaken, but shah-ken, don't make me want to make you shine...:D) looks really cool. These hits got made with the same motions of the hand and wrist.

Theory would have it that if I stand in exactly the same posture and flick my hand and wrist exactly the same way with each throw the projectile would hit exactly the same spot, right?

Well... that is not how things normally work out, isn't it?

Does anyone remember Ian Malcolm in the first Jurassic Park movie? He had the perfect explanation for this phenomenon. I am no mathematician, but we can accept the gist of the explanation that the posture and movements we use are not the only factors to take into consideration.

People like following rather than leading. We see one kind of investment scheme doing well and then jump into it to find out that it does not work as well for us. We see our neighbour doing very well with one kind of business and start the same kind of business ourselves only to find that we are not striking it as rich as he did.

You get the idea, right...?

Well- you would understand if I say that you can train exactly the way Bruce Lee did and emulate all his moves and still you won't end up with the same skills and abilities of Bruce Lee. It is also easy to think that a class of students who all go to the same dojo and study under the same syllabus does not mean that we should end up with a group of students whose techniques all look the same too, right?

Of course not!

A large part of the unhappiness we have in this world comes from ourselves comparing our lives to that of others. In light of what I have just said above, though, doing that seems really silly now, doesn't it?

If you are training you can accept that you will never be like any of your senior classmates or your instructor. You will be you and you will get to find out what exactly all of that entails. Stop training and you never get to find out. :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend and an awesome week ahead. Train hard! :)

Btw- Nick Nick! Have you ever thought of making a coffee creamer flame thrower?! I have just learnt about it. It looks as Ninja as thing can get in this modern age! :D

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