Saturday, 14 January 2017

What I found on the bookshelf in my office the other day- Some thoughts on firearms training.

I run my law practice from my father's study. It has become my office last year in August.

As a result a lot of my father's things are still there. 

I was actually searching for a textbook on the Law of Delict (some countries might know it as the Law of Torts) when I came across this firearms training manual.

The pages I share from it are about mental conditioning. As a person who had never learnt any other way to fight besides Asian martial arts I was surprised at the relevancy and soundness of the advice in this manual and how closely it resembled what I have learnt from karate.

I am not a fan of firearms and I do not practice with them.

This textbook reminded me, however, that although there are a lot of people who fight out there with no training, but that when your life is at stake, you'd prefer to be trained and prepared.

Take care, everyone! 'Til next time!


  1. so this is the way I read this between the lines; feel free to correct me . . . you were supposed to be researching the "Law of Delict", but then you spotted a book on the shelf that looked like it linked to your martial arts study and so suddenly the legal books were completely forgotten for a little while! LOL I would be exactly the same anyway . . . ;-)