Saturday, 7 January 2017

AdMITTedly not comfortable, but happy to participate

Hello again in 2017 and an awesome new year to all of you.

My Chinese friends are just waiting for the end of this month before they pass out the New Year's wishes again- this time with a red envelope or two, but for us- this is a new year filled with glorious prospects (Quiet, you negative folk there in the back!)

I am privileged enough to still have relatives who give me gifts on Christmas and this time around my martial arts gift came from my mother (she has actually given my martial arts training a lot of support in spite of the strain of tolerating a son that uses his spare time to kick and punch. :D 

This year's gift was what you see in the first 3 photos below. 

Ironically enough- this is what the WKF allows on their competition floors nowadays. The mitt you see in the last 3 photos is what they do not allow. 

I remember when I saw these half-open mitts advertised in a Taekwondo magazine back in the 90's. I have since seeing the ads associated these mitts, often accompanied by headgear and shin-protectors, as the gear for Taekwondo and full-contact styles. 

The closed mitt you see below is the type with which I became acquainted with karate back in the 90's. My first Sensei had a pair just like this. 

The black mitts allow my hands to open and perform grappling techniques which may not really be allowed in WKF competition, but are worth practicing in the dojo. 

The red ones serve to remind me that competition kumite is a game and not training for a real fight at all.

Still- the training competition gives my stamina and reflexes is something worth having. I had a nice holday time during which I have spent a lot of time on my Kungfu training. A new year of Karate starts next week and I can't wait to get to class!

What equipment does your school require you to use? 

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