Saturday, 15 October 2016

No post next weekend. :) I'll be back, though.

You heard me. I am not going to be around to write a post this next weekend.

Why, you ask?

It is because I am attending a 3 day Gasshuku with classmates and instructors from our local WSKF dojos and some people from dojos in Gauteng Province.

I have been practicing alone for years now and truth be told- I have always liked being alone. Still- after a while I realised that spending time with people who are equally interested in any martial art as I am would do me wonders. My time at WSKF has so far been challenging as well as fun.

With the championships and gradings behind us for now we can now just get together and have fun. That is exactly what we are going to do next weekend.

I wish everyone else a great week ahead. To the people in Martial Arts Forums on G+: Keep those posts coming!

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