Saturday, 1 October 2016

Doing my homework

A lot of good things have happened since I joined our local Shotokan club. For one- I got faster. I also got fitter. I am still working on getting that perfect technique, though.

The kihon combinations you see in this video is part of my belt's syllabus. While I can sort of undertand a spinning knife hand block-front kick-spear hand combination that forward inward block-elbow strike to the side-spinning back fist to the front- stepping punch combination still floors me.

Maybe it will get better when I relax a bit more.

With today's Saturday workout I tested these combinations on the sai and tonfa. The nice thing about training at home is that you can do the stuff you really like and put your own spin on things. Most of the kihon and kata you learn at the dojo is homework, after all.

No one said that this homework had to be boring, though.   

Train well and have a great week.

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