Saturday, 6 August 2016

When the Emperor interferes in the matters of the military...

When I am not practicing martial arts- I am at work. I find my occupation as a litigation attorney quite suitable to my personality as a martial artist and have applied the principles that I have learnt through not only training, but also education in martial philosophy, with great success.

Most recently I have met a fellow litigant in Court who got sent to court with a file on which he has no knowledge of his clients' instructions, but only had his employer's instructions to proceed with the motion.

It has also happened before where my employer instructed me to fight and I ended up wanting to settle.

Because of the above I have a strong dislike in lawyers who consult with their clients only to hand the work over to candidates or support staff. That is not necessarily where the fault lies, though.

If we look at what Master Sun is saying the problem is ignorance, not handing over of work or giving of instructions.

In a one-on-one fight knowing what you have at your disposal, where you are fighting and who you are fighting determines whether you will win that fight or not. Attaining any goal is not that different. When you have to work through other organisations or with other people to attain your goals a careless attitude towards the circumstances under which those people or organisations are working will give you anything between an average chance to no chance at all at reaching your objective.

Knowing how those to whom you entrust work actually do that work actually helps you with your planning and execution of various tasks.

Well- that's my post for today...

Have a great week ahead until we see each other again! 

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