Saturday, 27 August 2016

Goku's Newest Friend

It's no secret. I love the Dragonball franchise- right from the original Dragonball series to the current Dragonball Super series that is currently running.

I even like GT- well... a bit...

This post is about something that has happened in episode 55 of Dragonball Super. The events I relate here remind us what virtue is actually about and ought to be a lesson to us all.

Now- most good karate schools have a Dojo-Kun. I have the Taode Ching, Zen teachings and other classics. I'll get to the relevant quote from the Taode Ching at the end of this post.

Well... to those who don't know the new Dragonball Super Universe here's a quick intro:

Goku is the main character- a good hearted Saiyan (Warrior Alien) with a childlike heart and unrivalled strength.

During his adventures Goku has not only met humans and aliens, but also those deities that watch over the planets and universes, These include:

Kami: The Guardian of Earth

The Kaioshin: Beings in charge of their quadrants of the universe or in higher up places- in charge of the Universe.

Hakkaishin: Gods of Destruction

And the latest: Zeno Sama King of the Twelve Universes or as he is also called: The King Of Everything.

The first thing we notice in all knowledgeable beings of the Universe when they are in Zeno's presence is that their behaviour changes drastically. They suddenly act extremely formal. Kaioshin and Hakkaishin alike are very nervous around Zeno. 

Zeno's bodyguards also do not like anyone to approach him in person.

Now Goku is just something else. While everyone else nearly dies of fright because of him addressing Zeno casually Goku is only interested to know that Zeno is a good person and that  

it is enough reason for him to be friendly with him.

To everyone's surprise Zeno does not appear to be annoyed by Goku's behaviour at all and he silences anyone that tries to scold Goku about his way of speaking or his conduct during their meeting.

We saw in last Sunday's episode that Zeno happilly acknowledges Goku as a friend.

I am certain that all this is because The King of Everything, with his own childlike heart, is an embodiment of  the Tao.

His liking in Goku reminds me of the passage from the Taode Ching that I am sharing below.

I really hope that the Martial Arts bring all of us not only physical and mental well-being, but also the warmth of heart that I have seen in Goku and Zeno.

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