Sunday, 31 July 2016

Fighting without being angry

Fighting itself is a means to an end. More than just a couple of times it seems as if a lot of people forget the end to which they have started fighting.

This of course causes a lot of irreparable damage that can be avoided by just stopping at the right time.

When that right time is is something about which I shall write another post. But what is often the reason for people creating more problems than what they solve through violence is anger.

Sure- we all get angry, but letting that anger guide our actions is setting yourself up for failure very early on in a confrontation. The right time to strike is when the opponent is open to attack- not when you are angry enough or have summoned up enough courage.

Likewise-deciding on an offensive course of action because you have rage to work through is not the way to win.

Anger distorts our view of reality. It blinds us.

In kata practice we can distill our anger into vigorous application of techniques and thus work this emotion out of our systems without hurting ourselves and others. Breaking techniques also help to turn raw emotion back into energy that gets channelled into action. 

When we do not yet have the opportunity to act, though, we have to look at our environment with a sense of detached awareness, not allowing what we see and hear to emotionally affect us. 

At least- that is the state of mind I reserve for significant events such as matches or everyday challenges. I, for one, enjoy my emotions after all. :)

That's it for this week's blog! 

I am heading into an exciting stage in my life. My law career is entering the next level next week when I start practicing for myself! 

As for my martial arts training- that shall always go on.
(I'd still want to train in the afterlife as well. XD)

Have a great week until we see each other again! 

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