Saturday, 28 May 2016

I was going to write a post about changing height and posture, but then I found this article by Jesse

Jesse's articles have always been really informative and straight to the point. If you have read his article on Ki you would know that he is not really one for the esoteric aspects of martial arts. His down to earth, no-nonsense style of writing is something that I have gotten used to. Also the fact that, as who is probably Karate's biggest promotor I came to expect him to write about- well... Karate.

This article is about a topic that came up a week ago in our dojo as well- Pressure Points!

Now- I'll be honest. I have once seen a chart like this-

and told myself- this will take far too much thinking for a quick response in a fight so- let me NOT get involved with that.

Nonetheless- there were people who stake their lives on it.

Well- it got me thinking. It happens too often that we get taught HOW to hit, but how many times do we get taught WHERE to hit? And NO! The groin and breasts are not the answer to every self defence problem that comes up! I don't think we as citizens will appreciate a policeman grabbing suspects by the nuts just to make an arrest.

Situations vary. We do not always need to maim or kill an adversary. We don't only get attacked by evil criminals, but often it happens that the assailant is an out of control relative, a spouse or a friend who just is not him/ herself. Diffusing the situation then requires a response that is quick, efficient and doing the least amount of harm.

I am a huge fan of joint locks in situations that require minimal violence. I know, however, that they do not always work.

Now- this is a field that I currently know very little about. So- I am going to start studying it. If any of you who see this post actually have something to share about it, please do.

Hope to hear from you guys- and girls (have to mind the gender equality...) soon.

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