Saturday, 30 January 2016

When being tired feels good.

I almost did not type this post today. I was thinking about leaving it for tomorrow.

Last week a colleague of mine (in the legal fraternity) asked whether I'd be willing to teach basic self defense to a group of five people.

So- in the course of last week and this week I was phoning the Municipality for a venue. Later on- before I decided to phone one of the private landlords of this city I got an excellent idea. Our local Botanical Gardens has vast lawns in the shade. Regardless of that, though- the humid summer heat we have over here had me sweaty in no time.

So- in the two hours we have spent there we got to learn:

-The basic defense posture;

- Defense and counterattack against a direct attack;

-Defense and counterattack against a circular attack;

-Breaking free from a rear bear hug (their idea);

-Throwing somebody driving towards you;

-Throwing a person who is NOT driving towards you and who might actually be moving backwards.

I am glad to say that feedback was positive and everyone seems to have had fun. I even got asked to teach another class sometime.

O! And all this was done AFTER my customary Saturday morning workout. :D

So- right now I am tired and ready for bed, but it actually feels good remembering on what my energy has been spent.

Taiji Practice is coming tomorrow...

Stay well, everyone!

Maybe next week's post will be about another class? ^_^

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