Saturday, 23 January 2016

I am back in the dojo!

Long time ago I have joined a Shotokan school with a logo that looked like this...

This week I have joined one with a logo that looks like this- :D

Regardless of the above minor details I am glad that I have taken this step.

Frankly- I did not like how sloppy I have become in the execution of my techniques. Having focussed on real fighting for so long has made my techniques ugly.

If you don't believe that real fighting makes one's techniques ugly I recommend you watch some Shotokan kata videos and some Kyokushinkai kata videos....

Anyway- I wanted to get back to low stances, poise and to put the aesthetics back into my training.

Why? Because I want to.

Also- This is my way of getting out a bit more. Which better place to find other martial arts fanatics in my area? No- not the local MMA gym. Not for me.

So... First evening and Sensei Louw tells me to relax more...

Yep- I have really become rusty. So...


I am now paying extra attention to my kata. Besides- it does not feel nice knowing that a seven year old girl can outdo me. ;)

Ironically- as a kid my kihon and kata were awesome, but I always got my ass kicked in kumite.

By now I know that real fighting is an entirely different matter. When I was working on Wenhsiuquan I have completely put the aesthetics of kihon aside in favour of techniques that helped me fight better. Encounters in the period from 2002 to 2014 have proven that my project was a success, but I was not happy to see that I have destroyed my kata to do this. And yes- I actually love kata a lot.

Now- I believe I have done enough overcompensating. This year is going to be all about balance!

Anyone else in Nelspruit who wants to join the Lowveld Shotokan Karate Club are welcome to phone Sensei Louw Venter at 083 781 2592. We are still looking for a permanent venue, but this coming Monday I will be just as able to practice my heart out in the hall of Lowveld High as anywhere else.

Wishing you all a great week ahead. :)

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