Saturday, 8 November 2014

It is almost ready

The first sample of my first book on Wenhsiuquan came fresh from the printers yesterday. 

Although I am very excited to see an actual printed copy I have to make sure that the book that goes out to the public looks like the type of thing I want to release into the world. This is about my martial art after all...

In due time I'll post the link to a separate page on which the book can be ordered. At the moment I am certain that it will be available in South Africa. Because I have no PayPal account- or know of any other way to receive money from overseas yet- availability overseas is going to be very limited.

Instead of writing about the entire style in one go I have decided to first write a separate book on each aspect that I feel deserves specific attention.This first book is about pulling and pushing techniques. That means it will explain the mechanics of throws and joint locks amongst other things.

Other books to follow are going to be about kicking and striking, blocking, meditation and mental fitness, qigong and lastly training methods. 

My main objective with these books is what I have had with this blog as well- to make martial arts knowledge available to those who seek it. Anything I withhold from my books or from my blog is intended to be passed on to students who wish to study long enough under me to develop these skills.

Keep well and enjoy your training.

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