Friday, 31 October 2014

These plasters work!

Many traditional kung fu students know about this or that medicinal ointment or treatment for those injuries commonly associated with training.

I am currently nursing a cracked rib. Rib fractures don't really have any quick remedies and unlike limbs, ribs can't be put in a cast.

These plasters I got from my friend, Chen Feng (She and her husband Chris helped me with my book, remember?). It's been 2 days since I have put them on and I am now able to laugh without pain and to cough with minimal pain. I breathe and move normally now. I am going to keep this up for the week to come and report back.

Remedies like these that use menthol and camphor stimulate the body's circulatory system which in turn helps to relieve pain and facilitates recovery. It works especially well on sprains and bruises.

Anyone interested in this product or other Chinese health products (or massage therapy) can contact Feng Chen on Facebook. She is based in my hometown, Nelspruit, South Africa.   

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