Friday, 17 October 2014

Dealing with long weapons using kicks.

Most martial artists know that an opponent using a long weapon like a staff, baseball bat or sword is at a disadvantage as soon as you have managed to get past the weapon itself and close to him.

Most of us are more comfortable with using our hands to manage the weapon and stepping past it to get to the opponent. Most adversaries would most likely expect you to do that as well...

Now the major advantages of using a kick like the crescent kick I am showing in the sketch are the following:

1. It uses a limb more powerful than the arm;

2. It leaves both hands free to attack;

3. It opens up a path for you before you bring your body in range;

4. It gives you the element of surprise on your side.

To me- a weapon that is held poised and pointed toward me is a bigger threat that one that is being swung. A swinging weapon can be timed and often clears the way for you to move in by itself. A poised weapon, however, is a trap! The crescent kick is a good way to clear it away before you get close enough for that punch.

Of course- some of us would follow up the crescent kick with a side kick instead of a punch. 

Enjoy your training! 

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