Saturday, 23 June 2018

Little Legends- Kids in the Martial Arts World

If you ever wondered whether teaching kids martial arts is a good idea let me tell you this story:

I was 22 and working in a Chinese Restaurant when I asked my boss about Kung Fu and how the Shaolin Monks develop their skills.

Mrs Ku told her daughter in Chinese to tell me something and via her I got the reply:

"You should have started when you were 8, while your bones were still growing."

Well- I started Karate at 14. Still- I have no regrets.

From about the age of 9 I had entered this phase of playing Bruce Lee and Ninjas out of which I guess I have never really gotten so far.

I'd really recommend that children who love martial arts should be allowed to study it.

Now- I am sure parents love seeing their children doing well at the dojo.

I can hardly imagine how the parents of the following children must feel:

1. Mahiro Takano

Just so you know- THIS is the video from which I have learnt Kanku Dai.

I had to polish the kata later at the dojo so that it looked like the way we do it, but the difference is really minor (only the closing movement at the end).

We hear a lot of critique against the use of kata in martial arts, but I think this video demonstrates exactly what kata does for one's coordination and mental development. How many 7 year olds have you ever seen move like this?

2. The Little Tai Chi girl

Taijiquan may seem to most laypersons as a form of light exercise done by old people in parks, but the more knowledgeable among us know Taijiquan as a martial art which develops power through its movements instead of by using weights and punching bags. The extremely low stances in this video clearly demonstrates this. This girl's poise and balance is just amazing. Many of us adults don't have that grace in movement.

3. Qigong Kids

I remember once hearing a newsreader on CCTV say that Qigong should not be taught to young children. No explanation was given and I have stopped trying to find out why. Seeing these youngsters this organised, however, tells us a lot about the way martial arts instills discipline in one's life.

4. Ryusei Imai
Related image

This kid is a little monster! I have seen a couple of kids his age at Karate schools. It is already a challenge to get their minds around the principles that make techniques work, then comes the part where their bodies have to get taught to put that knowledge into action.

That kick against the chair says that this kid understands really well how his technique works.

He actually scares me a bit...

5. Then we have this girl...

I know a Sensei in Hazyview that would appreciate this video...

In fact- the youngest child I have ever seen to do Karate was from her dojo. It was not this little girl, however. The pacifier in her mouth tells me she is even younger than that girl. :D

You know- there is a lot that we could teach kids with martial arts, but interestingly enough- if you pay attention- you may realise that you can learn something from them as well. :)

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