Saturday, 7 April 2018

It started with a video

You know- I don't want to start trouble- especially not with my post about respecting other styles, but I have found that my time being absorbed in Karate has made my kicks feel all stiff and without power.

Really- no offence meant against Karate. I just like my techniques to feel a certain way just as I love the smell of ginger and something else I cannot yet name in a Chinese kitchen.

Few things in the world feel as satisfying to me as a Chinese Kung Fu workout. So- I have started to focus on the Kungfu component of Wenshiuquan. To explain briefly what the Kungfu component of my style entails might reveal that it is actually a most crucial component as it concerns the generation of speed and power.

It is really funny that I have been able to grade all the way to 1st Kyu Brown in Karate, but had never really been able to punch powerfully. My kicks had stopping power, but that was only because legs are inherently strong limbs.

The moment I have learnt developing the explosive force of Kung Fu punches and kicks, though, things have gotten really interesting... 

For one thing- My punching bag's spring base broke after one kick too many...

I have found my punches can actually do damage (to the point where it has become easier to hurt people and harder to control as opposed to earlier when I could not hurt anyone and had a hard time at kumite because of it. Trust me- kumite is a lot more fun if your partner is at least a bit wary of you.).

So- in short- Kungfu works for me.

So- I have spent a couple of mornings revisiting the basics when I saw this video on Youtube:  

David Torok's Butterfly Kick

Hey! I realised. I have never learnt this kick before! So- I decided to start learning it. Well- my attempts as they are at the moment are not worth posting here, but- having forced my hips to twist a bit sharper than usual did give me the ability to do two kicks- actually sweeps- that I have not done in a long time: 

Jade Xu's Front Sweep

Jade Xu's Back Sweep

These two videos are excellent tutorials and these techniques have proven much easier for me to learn than the butterfly kick.

Still- I practice it regularly now, because- even though I can't quite manage to do THAT kick just yet, I got this one back in the meantime:

I guess staying in a comfort zone can eventually rob you of techniques that you have learnt and abilities that you have developed. The only way to maintain these is to keep pushing further. 

So- let's all kick things up a notch!

Stay well and train hard, everyone! 

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