Saturday, 3 March 2018

I swear this is of interest to Karateka as well! The Scouter App that I have found in the Playstore

Hi, guys!  :D

I am super excited about today's post because of an awesome app I have found in the Google Playstore during this week.

I was going to write a post titled "Karate Spoilers" today, but it seems like a higher power intervened this week and gave me something much cooler to write about.

Before I tell you more about it and SHOW you what I found it does- let's first look at this scene...

Those of us who know the Dragonball franchise very well know that these scouters first made their appearance in Dragonball Z with the arrival of the malevolent Saiyans. This scene where an amazed Vegeta reads Goku's new power level after his return from Kaio Sama is definitely one of the most memorable scenes.

The scouter was alien technology that measured a living being's Ki.

We have seen a similar device being used in the Street Fighter II animated movie.

Now the app that I have found in the Playstore is not called "Scouter" or "Ki Detector" or anything like that. It looks like this...

No! Not like my girlfriend's hand! Stop staring at that! :D

It looks like the icon on the screen and as it shows- it is called "Ghost Camera".

Now- before I type anything further- have a look at what it does!


Okay- let me calm down and tell you what I know so far. I have done some reading about this app. Whoever designed it believed that ghosts will emit something that would be picked up by any of the following sensors which are all in your basic smartphone:

1. Electromagnetic sensor/ Radio receiver,

2. Camera

3. Microphone

4. Motion sensor

Now- it was meant to find ghosts or paranormal presences in your immediate area and when you use it you will find that it does not pick up your TV or any electronic equipment. I have noticed, however, that it likes living creatures. In fact- if it is to be believed then our Staffie Bruno probably has a power level over 9000. :D

Here's Bruno. He does not like being photographed...

Well- having been introduced to a device similar to a Ouija Board in the past and having experienced how occultists communicate with spirits I have experienced that the sensations I feel during such activities are very similar to the feeling of qi flowing during qigong exercises and meditation. 

So- I just had to try...

Before I have found this app I have been able to resuscitate an unconscious bird and some people who practiced Taijiquan with me were also able to feel the electric-like tingle of energy emanating from the palm of my hand. And- of course- I have felt qi within me ever since I have started qigong at the age of 16...

Some explanations that I got in the past were along the lines of suggestions either planted within myself or within other people. Now that we have a phone, which cannot be hypnotised, involved I am more certain now that our bodies do emanate an energy that can be detected and that can affect electronic devices.

Now- practitioners of Ki-Do, Nei Kung, Qigong, Taijiquan and any other style that pays attention to Qi/ Ki in its teachings- I strongly recommend you download this app and use it!

You know- I realise I have completely forgotten about my initial ghost hunting trip as well...

Well- okay... Karate Spoilers will be next week then.

For now- stay well and train hard and have fun! :)

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