Saturday, 2 September 2017

Transformative Martial Arts- Going to the next level

While my legs are still tired from this morning's training I want to talk about a part of the martial arts spectrum that I like a lot, yet not see being publicized in the West as much as MMA and other martial arts based sports.

Every now and then I get to speak with non-martial artist members of the public and get their idea of what they expect of martial arts and why they do or do not want to take up martial arts.

What I have heard quite often now is "I want to learn Krav Maga!" and every now and then "our competitions are full-contact". I also happen to hear "I used to do this or that style..."

I guess that in spite of martial arts being around for this long people still regard it as a way of fighting and nothing more.

Before these movies came out I have received what one could call an extensive martial arts education in the physical, psychological and philosophical aspects of the martial arts of Japan, Korea and China.

Before I knew of Goku as well I have already felt how much I have changed as a 16 year old when I started to learn the mental and philosophical aspects of martial arts.

Thing is- I was a weak and scared little boy when I started reading books that taught me how to kick and punch. I was even scared and weak when I joined a dojo that taught me how to kick and punch.

What turned me into what I am today (I'd rather not say myself :D. I do have a bit of a temper on me that I am working on now...) was when I started learning the mental conditioning techniques and philosophy behind Oriental martial arts. Back then it was mostly Zen-based, but later on I have learnt that Taoism and even Christianity can help a lot in developing one into a warrior.

We are not all soldiers. Krav Maga was developed initially as a means of CQC to be used by soldiers. Sure- if you are not in any army and want to learn it I won't judge you. I don't want to explain my swords and weapons- why would you have to explain why you want to practice military hand-to-hand combat?

But still- there are styles with a lot more to offer.

Sure- I can now fight and defend myself, but thanks to my martial arts training I can also:

- heal faster

- speak in public

- take a fall

- take risks

- accept loss 

- solve problems

- be confident

- be calm in times of crisis

- take action when needed to

- stay positive in the darkest of times.

We might not turn into Super Saiyans with our hair colours changing, but we can overcome fears, lose bad habits and recover from being hurt.

Now- this blog has a comment section and so will the post on G+.

I'd like to hear examples of how your style's training transforms you or the other people involved.    

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