Saturday, 22 April 2017

Like brushing teeth

How often do you train? 

What does it do for you? 

I have met some really scary individuals who do not just stick with their martial arts classes, but who also engage in different kinds of sports and exercise.

And then I have met those who train when they are in class and don't when they are away from class.

With the amount of time MMA people spend at the gym I can imagine that they don't really have classes the way us Karate and Kung Fu people do.

Now- If your martial arts class is a way to get out in the evenings and meet people I guess this post will not mean much to you as I tend to identify with those people who take up martial arts to improve themselves in one way or the other, whether it be by learning a new skill or two or whether they want to become stronger and fitter.

Long time ago, when I started this blog- I said that martial arts rest on 3 pillars: Technique, Power and Tactics. Under power we can also include speed (although I regard speed as the result of power and technique combined.) Now the thing is- technique and power does not get developed by going to class twice a week. 

Especially at that very early stage of being white belt with Karate or no belt if you study Kung Fu you get to learn the techniques and exercises that are to make you into the martial artist that you are to become in later years. 

Those forms, exercises and basics? Sure- they might not mean much when you do them twice a week at class, but with regular practice you will notice some really good changes after a while ( how long? well- sometimes six months- sometimes a year...)

The knowledge you get from class is really just part of the thing. What you actually get from class is material for self-study or home-work.

If you regard it as this and treat it as such you will not only find your progress in class going a lot better, but also that your martial arts actually work. If you got handed a couple of katas, basics and you have been allowed to spar you actually have enough to train with- even if your teacher moves out of town. In a lot of cases I have seen students eager enough to learn advanced techniques by themselves when they practice at home as well.

So- going to class is good. Regularly practicing what you learn in class is the way to make martial arts work, though.

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